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1-888-TÉLÉBEC voice menus

When you call Customer Service at 1-888-TÉLÉBEC (835-3232), you will be greeted by our interactive voice response system (IVR).

This system allows you to select a voice menu according to your need and, depending on which option you choose, directs your call to a specialized advisor.

To help you orient yourself in our telephone system, we invite you to download the IVR menus in PDF format (353 K).

To complete a transaction on the IVR, you must create a PIN

When you choose a transactional option in the IVR, the system will ask you to authenticate yourself as a Télébec customer by creating a personal identification number (PIN) or, if you prefer, a password.

IMPORTANT: Memorize your PIN, as it will enable you to complete secure transactions on both our IVR (1 888 TÉLÉBEC) and Web site.

Use the same PIN on the IVR and the Web site!

You can create your PIN on our Web site by going to the " Create or modify my PIN " section.

You can also wait until you have a Web transaction to make. The site will prompt you to authenticate yourself as a Télébec customer and to create your PIN before completing your transaction. You will need to:

  • Enter your telephone number and the 5-digit access code that appears on your phone bill:

  • Choose a personal identification number (PIN);
  • Continue your transaction.

The PIN you create on our Web site will subsequently be recognized by our IVR (1 888 Télébec). So be sure to memorize it!

During future transactions on our Web site (or IVR), all you will have to do is enter your telephone number and your PIN. Your 5-digit access code will no longer be required, because the Web site and the IVR will both recognize you by your PIN!

Forgot your PIN?

If you forget your PIN, you can create another by going to the " Create or modify my PIN " section.