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Manage My Account

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As a Télébec business customer, you can manage your Télébec account online.

  • Click on the desired operation.
  • You will be automatically redirected to
  • Your authentication as a Télébec business customer will be requested.
  • Have your Télébec bill on hand.
  • Follow on-screen instructions.


Confirm a payment
Notify us that you have made payment on your bill.

Receive a monthly e-mail confirming that your bill is available online. Subscribe to Eliminate Paper Billing.

Preauthorized Payment
Your bill is paid automatically every month by your credit card or bank account.

Pay my bill
Pay your bill yourself by credit card.

Reprint a bill
Request a printed copy of a previous bill, delivered by mail.

Account balance
Check your account’s current balance.

View my bill
View your bill for this month or previous bills, in PDF format.