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(Version 15)


The Anti-Spyware tool automatically identifies and deletes spyware before it can install itself on your workstation.

Spyware often installs on your computer without your knowledge, when you download an application or music, share files or open e-mail attachments. It can monitor the activity on your computer, copy information such as credit card numbers or passwords, and keep track of the web sites you visit, with the intention of causing you harm.


The Antivirus application protects your computer from viruses and Trojan horses. If your computer is contaminated, the Antivirus will disinfect it. In addition, virus definitions on your computer are updated automatically, so new incoming viruses can be detected in:

  • e-mail attachments
  • file downloads
  • discussion groups
  • online chats
  • files shared over the Web
  • and more!

You can also run Antivirus to conduct a complete scan and disinfection of your computer at any time.


The Firewall is an important tool that monitors your computer and protects the privacy of your data by automatically blocking attempted intrusions. It filters incoming and outgoing traffic according to your chosen settings and keeps a log of activities.

The Firewall also includes a remote-access control tool that blocks automatic dialers. These dialer programs disconnect your computer from your regular Internet Service Provider (ISP) and reconnect to an international number, often without your knowledge, resulting in substantial long distance charges on your phone bill. With the Firewall, you are informed of all undesirable connexion attempts.

Spam Blocker

The Spam Blocker tool helps eliminate unsolicited e-mail ("spam"). This option can be configured according to your needs.

Content Blocker

The Content Blocker application protects your children as they surf the Web. It can easily be configured to automatically block access to inappropriate or offensive web sites. The Content Blocker application includes a filter you can personalize according to six categories: Adult, Gambling, Money, Weapons, Hate andDrugs.

This application also lets you configure a user profile for your child, and one for you, and then set a period of time when your child is allowed to surf on Internet. 

See also:

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F-Secure and the triangle symbol are registered trademarks of F-Secure Corporation used under licence, and F‑Secure product names and symbols/logos are either trademarks or registered trademarks of F-Secure Corporation.

Télébec, Limited Partnership is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to your computer (including software and data) following installation of Internet Security Services. Your computer must also meet certain prerequisites for installation of the software. Technical support from Télébec, Limited Partnership is limited to the Internet Security Services applications.
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