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Entry-Level Web Site Creation and Hosting Packages


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Our entry-level hosting packages provide a solid base of hosted services for business owners looking to build a professional web presence at a lower price.

Our packages include email accounts so you can correspond with your clients, and website design and management tools that you can use yourself. The entry-level packages require no special programming knowledge.





What you get:

  • An entry-level solution that’s perfect for starting your business on the Web
  • Everything you need to build, host and market your website online
  • 5 email accounts 
  • Approximately 150 Web pages and 1,000 monthly visits

What you get:

  • A basic solution that’s perfect for growing your business on the Web 
  • Everything you need to build, host and market your website online 
  • 8 email accounts 
  • Approximately 300 Web pages and 2,500 monthly visits

What you get:

  • All Entry-Level and Basic Packages Features 
  • Website Statistics software to measure the performance of your site 
  • EasyStoreMaker Pro so you can create your own web store in minutes 
  • 15 email accounts 
  • Approximately 750 Web pages and 10,000 monthly visits

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Advanced Web Site Creation and Hosting Packages

If you're looking for high-performance website hosting solution, choose one of Advanced Hosting Packages. These packages are designed for businesses that whish to customize the Web page programming and require advanced security features, interactive scripting, and industry-leading storage and bandwidth capacity. 




What you get:

  • All Intermediate Package Features 
  • Powerful EasyStoreMaker PRO allows you to create your own Webstore and accept payments online 
  • Advanced Applications, Scripting and database support for ASP, PHP, ColdFusion 11 & MX, MySQL, and more 
  • 30 email accounts 
  • Approximately 1,500 Web pages and 25,000 monthly visits

What you get:

  • All E-Commerce Package Features 
  • Enhanced security features and SSL support for a truly secure website
  • Real audio/video streaming
  • Optional support for MS SQL 2000
  • 60 email accounts 
  • Approximately 3,000 Web pages and 40,000 monthly visits
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