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E-Commerce Package

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Monthly price: $32.95

Hosting Features

1,500 MB Web disk space

1Disk storage refers to the HTML files, graphics, audio clips, and all other files that make up your website.

100 GB monthly transfer (about 25,000 visits per month)

2Also known as web traffic or bandwidth. When visitors access a web page, image or other element on your website, traffic is generated. Your total monthly data transfer is the product of all in- and out-bound traffic (web, email and FTP).


Technical Support (business hours)


Email Features

30 Email accounts (mailboxes)
Email boxes can be created from the Hosting Website Control Panel. Each of our hosting packages includes a specific number of email boxes; however, you can purchase additional boxes at any time.

Note: If you already use the email accounts included with your Télébec Internet subscription (with your own domain name), an email management tool will allow you to re-create them yourself in your new hosted environment. We will then delete the old email accounts for you. Note that all packages include a specific number of email accounts. You can purchase additional email accounts at any time.


30 autoresponders
An autoresponder is an automated email reply sent in response to an incoming message for a specific email address. For example, you can use an auto-response to send a standard 'thank you' email response to every customer email that comes into your emailbox.

Browser-Based Email
Access your email in real-time while away from your office. Fast and intuitive, Browser-Based Email (Webmail) is jam-packed with tools like online calendar, task lists and advanced contact management making it not only a great tool for on the road, but a professional complement to common PC mail management programs.

POP3 Email Client Capability
Post Office Protocol (POP) is a method of retrieving email using an email program such as Microsoft Outlook® or Netscape Messenger®.

Spam Protection
Our integrated spam protection removes unwanted spam, preventing clogging of your email box and maximizing the efficiency of your email system.

Announcer Lists
The "Announcer" application lets you inform your customers and friends about interesting new additions to your website. "Announcer" lets you manage email address lists and send messages to these addresses. "Announcer" only accepts distribution lists in simple text format. You can create these lists on your desktop PC and then download them to your account.

Unlimited Aliases
All packages now include an unlimited number of aliases.

Online Calendars, task lists

HTML or plain text formats

Multi-language spell checker

Enhanced contact management functionality

Easy personal preference settings
Including auto responders, email forwarding, password management and variable spam filtering levels.


Web Site Creation Tools

Online Presence Builder
Online Presence Builder represents the next generation of site builders. Featuring dynamic drag and drop functionality and ready-made, high quality templates, this tool is appropriate for site developers looking for advanced functionality and flexibility.

FrontPage Extensions
Microsoft FrontPage is a web-design utility that allows you to create and maintain websites, without the need to know HTML or FTP. FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions enable you to utilize the full feature set of FrontPage.


EasyStoreMaker Pro 
With EasyStoreMaker Pro, easily create your own online store and process credit-card transactions.

Advanced E-Commerce
"osCommerce" features a gallery of professionally designed templates for online stores built using the popular osCommerce application. The suite of support applications also includes a built-in osCommerce installation wizard along with a tool that automatically configures the user's MySQL database for use with their store.


File Manager

FTP Manager
Access your account using popular FTP software programs.

Log File Management
Raw log files for use in popular site statistic software.

Handle the administration of MySQL databases using a web browser interface.


Web Site Security

Site Security
Control access to pages and site directories by encrypting them with passwords.

SSL Support
If you need to accept orders or transmit data securely, an SSL Certificate will allow you to protect your entire website or individual pages as required.


Development tools

CGI protocol lets a Web page run scripts (like hit counters, guest books and order forms) on a server, and makes your site more interactive and functional.

Support for the world's most popular Web scripting language.

Popular server-side embedded scripting language.

Server-side scripting language.
Server-side scripting language.

Popular database commonly used in database-driven Web sites.

MS Access Support
Popular database commonly used in database-driven Web sites.

MS SQL2000
A complete database and analysis package, SQL Server 2000 delivers a new generation of features and functionality.


Additional Features

Additional Email Boxes $1.00 / each
Domain Forwarding $2.50 / each


1 If you exceed your allowed storage, you will be charged for the additional storage at $10.00 per month per 50 MB or part thereof. The customer will be advised by email.

2 If you exceed your maximum monthly bandwidth/transfer limit, you will automatically be charged $10.00 per month for each additional 1 GB used or part thereof. The customer will be advised by email.