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Security risks

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Computer Security, a Matter for Concern

Here is a list of the risks incurred when a company is not protected by computer security solutions:

Information theft:
  • An intruder can access confidential information contained in your client files and publish it on the web.
  • Your corporate identity can be used to commit other crimes on the Web, for instance hackers hijacking your workstations to send spam. This new trend in computer crime is known as a "Zombie PC".


  • A virus or a hacker can overwrite, destroy or even alter information contained in computer systems.

Covert monitoring:

  • A Trojan horse or a hacker can spy on your employees while they work on the computer.

System failure:

  • A complete network failure can occur throughout the company, requiring numerous interventions to fix.
  • Bringing in a technician to repair the system will affect your staff, equipment, as well as your file access, once again slowing the employees' productivity.

Of course, these are very critical scenarios; unfortunately they occur all too frequently. Statistics show that just during the week of October 1, 2006*, there were over 115 million computer intrusions. What's more, during the same week, it was estimated that it took just 21 minutes for an unprotected computer connected to the Web to become infected. Computer security is a matter for concern that should not be taken lightly by company managers. What about you? Are your systems and networks protected by real experts?