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Networking Solutions

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Improve your communication, achieve greater productivity, and increase employee and customer satisfaction.

Select the right combination of Télébec’s solutions for your peripheral equipment and to effectively communicate protected and secure data to better manage your telecommunication networks.


  • Connect your sites or branches to better serve their communications needs (e.g., exchanging emails, managing inventory, Internet browsing)
  • Consult and manage databases at high speed
  • Share large files
  • IP Virtual Private Network allows for real-time video transmission capability
  • Integrated service management options, for a reliable network
  • Flexible and customized service according to your needs
  • Focus on your business, not communications management
  • Avoid communications obsolescence, IP VPN supports new generation of applications

Contact a Télébec representative today to discuss the network solutions that would best meet your telecommunication requirements.

Application Examples:

A private network connects my two jewellery shops. We use it to centralize information on items to replenish, sales figures, new promotions and discounts, even employee attendance. Before, I had monthly summations. Now all this information is in my office every day.

Financial consultant:
Our company has grown by 20 percent since last year alone. I need a telecommunications infrastructure that is flexible enough to grow with us, and that allows us to add the applications we need to succeed going forward.

HR Professional:
We maintain a very large database that contains employee information related to their employment, pension and health benefits. It’s important our network is fast, because I am asked to access and report on that information at a moment’s notice.