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Frequently Asked Questions - Directory

1. Ordering a directory online

2. Frequency of updates

3. Cost of a directory and ordering

4. Numbers not found

5. Listing errors

6. Changing a listing

7. Listing an e-mail and Web address

8. Listing a cell number

9. Moving

10. Canada411 listings

1. How can I order a telephone directory online?

Go to the “Telephone Directory” section of this site and click on “Order Online”. The system will ask you to authenticate your identity as a Télébec customer. See Online Help on Authentication for more details.

After verifying your identify, a new screen will appear where you can indicate the number of directories you would like to add to your shopping cart. You will be able to modify the quantity ordered in your cart. See “Online Help” for Shopping Cart for more details.

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2. How often does Télébec update the contents of its directories?

The directory listings are updated regularly in our systems. However, the directories are printed only once a year. So, it stands to reason that a change made to your file can appear only in the next edition.

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3. Do I have to pay for my telephone directory?

Télébec supplies all its customers with a telephone directory free of charge every year, during a specific delivery period. Télébec also provides a free directory for new telephone installations.

You can order additional telephone directories free of charge online through the “ Telephone Directory” section of You will have to authenticate your identify as a Télébec customer to place your order.

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4. I cannot find numbers in my directory for an area that I can call without having to pay long distance charges. How can I find these numbers?

Just call Télébec’s Customer Service at 1-888-TÉLÉBEC (835-3232). A representative will be pleased to send you a directory, free of charge, for an area to which you can place calls without long-distance charges.

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5. How can I have an error in my name or address listing corrected in the telephone directory?

Call Télébec’s Customer Service at 1 888 TÉLÉBEC to have the error corrected, free of charge.

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6. How can I have my name listing modified in the telephone directory?

You can modify it by completing the “ Directory Listing” form on this site. You will have to authenticate your identity as a Télébec customer to place your order. An account-processing fee applies.

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7. Can I add my Web site address ( and/or email address (e.g., to the telephone directory for my area?

Yes. Just fill out the “ Directory Listing” form on this site online. You will have to authenticate your identity as a Télébec customer to place your order.

Please note that an account-processing fee of $33.00 (business) applies. Also, each additional listing costs $2.65 (business) per month. Also, if you have a listing added for a Web site address and another for your e-mail address, it will cost you $5.30 more per month (i.e., $2.65 for each additional listing). This charge and the account processing fee will be added to your monthly telephone bill.

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8. Can I have my cell phone number listed in the directory

Yes. Simply contact your cellular service provider. A monthly listing fee of $3.00 and a registration fee of $32.00 apply.

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9. If I move, will I receive a new telephone directory?

If you move within the same area, you must take your directory with you. However, if you move to a different area, we will send you a directory for your new area.

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10. I’ve been to the Canada411 Web website and I couldn’t find my name, although it is listed in Télébec’s telephone directory. Why?

Télébec’s directories are part of the Canada411 site. Canada411 manages the updating of the Internet databases containing the directories of all the telephone companies in Canada.

If you did not find the information you are looking for, we suggest that you write to Canada411 at the following address.

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