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Your responsibilities

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Your responsibilities

1. Installing, repairing and maintaining inside wiring on your side of the demarcation point. The demarcation point shall be the demarcation block located inside the Company-provided Network Interface Device (NID) mounted on the outside wall of your premises.

Diagram # 1

a) Télébec is responsible for providing and maintaining service to this point. At this point, you can plug in a telephone that you know is working to test your service.

b) The Customer is responsible for providing a lock.

In premises without a NID, the demarcation point is the protector mounted on the exterior wall. If there is no demarcation jack installed in your house or office, the demarcation point will be located at the telephone protector, which can be located either inside or outside your house or office. The telephone protector is usually black in colour, if located inside, and usually grey, if located outside.

2. Correcting any service difficulty that you create which harms Télébec’s network.

3. Providing a route for telephone wiring from your property line to your premises whether you install wiring underground or using an aerial system.

4. Paying a service charge when Télébec makes a repair visit to your premises in order to remedy problems resulting from wiring that was improperly installed or maintained.

5. Assuming the following risks when installing or maintaining inside wiring:

  • Loss of service
  • Damage to property
  • Personal injury or injury to your agent

Télébec will not be responsible for any liability claims arising from customer- owned or maintained premises wiring.


The Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) and provincal laws may require you to apply for a permit when pre wiring, adding to, or rearranging telephone wiring. You may also be required to have the work inspected upon completion. Contact your local (Provincial or Municipal) Electrical Inspection Branch for further information. Outlets (jack hardware) should be Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified for the intended purpose.


Télébec shall not be liable to the user, or any other person, for damages or loss of any kind or nature, injury or death resulting from the user or any other person's unfamiliarity with the Canadian Electrical Code, the provincial standards, the CSA Pre wiring Standards Book, the National Building Code or any other law or regulation applicable to inside wiring, or for the reliance by the user or any other person on the instruction in this guide. Any work, actions by the user or any other person pursuant to the guide is entirely at the users or any other person's own risk.