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Pay-per-use Services

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To better serve our customers, some of Télébec’s Call Management Services are available without a monthly subscription. You can use these services if and when you need them.

The services currently available on a pay-per-use basis are:

Call Trace

Function *57 will trace the number of the last call you received if it is harassing or threatening. Each time you activate *57, you will be billed $5, up to a monthly maximum of $10.00. So, if you use *57 three times in the same month, you will only be billed $10.00.

Last Call Return

If you just missed a call, Last Call Return lets you find out the caller’s number by pressing *69.

Busy Call Return

Function *66, Busy Call Return, monitors a busy line for 30 minutes and lets you know, with a special ring, when the line is available.

Three-Way Calling

Function *71, Three-Way Calling, lets you talk to two different people in two different locations at the same time. Just press *71 to add a third person to your conversation*.

Call Display Blocking

The right to privacy is of equal importance to both callers and persons being called. There are times when callers do not want to reveal their identity, just as there are times when persons being called do not want to be bothered or want to know who the caller is before answering.

Upon request, Télébec provides means to protect privacy, by offering the choice to block or to allow the transmission and display of a caller’s name and number to the person being called.

This service is offered at no charge on most subscribers’ lines.

1. Pick up the receiver and wait for the dial tone.

2. Enter *67 on a touch dial phone or 1167 on a rotary dial phone. You will hear three beeps.

3. Enter the number of the person you are calling.

4. The receiving party will see the display “confidential name / confidential number”.

Call Display Blocking Service

You also can block the display of your name and number permanently with Call Display Blocking Service. This service is offered at no charge; for activation however, you must contact Télébec Customer Service at 1 888 TÉLÉBEC (835-3232).

*Call Display Blocking Service must be obtained to block the display of confidential names and numbers.


For each use of functions *66, *69,or *71, you will be charged $2.50, up to a monthly maximum of $23.95 per function. Beyond the monthly maximum, use of this service is free.

Do you use these services a lot?

Depending on how often you use them, it might be more cost-effective to obtain a monthly subscription to Call Return ($10/month), Three-Way Calling ($10/month) or Call Trace ($5/month).

Services available where technology allows.