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Voicemail to E-mail - Configuration

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Configuring Voicemail to E-mail

Voicemail to E-mail is a complement to the Voicemail. This service allows you to redirect your voice messages to an e-mail address, for instance at home, at the office, to a web-based address such as Hotmail or to a cell phone.

This means that you will be able to click and listen the voicemail messages in a “*.wav” file from the defined Mailbox you entered in a Web site, called Call Feature Manager.

WARNING: For a cell phone redirection, you must already be subscribed to a cellular Data service from your cell phone provider.

Download the Voicemail to E-mail and advanced Voicemail User Guide (810 K PDF file).

Redirect voice messages to Mailbox:

First, make sure that your new Voicemail is initialized before you configure the Voicemail to E-mail option. If you already use your new Voicemail, it means that it is already initialized. Otherwise, please consult the Initializing your Voicemail section.

1.  Access the Call Feature Manager web-tool at If required, consult the “How to use the Call Feature Manager tool” section.

2.  Enter your 10-digit telephone number (without spaces).

3.  Enter your personal password (PIN).

4.  Click on “Settings” tab on the top right corner of the menu window and on the sub-tab “Messaging”.

5.  In “Settings” sub-tab, check “Auto-forward all voicemail messages to this e-mail address:”.

6.  Enter the e-mail address that will be used to receive and listen to the voice messages left in your Voicemail:

yourname@emailaddress (associated to your Blackberry or other cell phone).

7.  Check “Leave a copy of forwarded voicemail messages in the inbox”:

Important: By unchecking this box, all voice messages will automatically be erased from your Voicemail when they are transferred into your mailbox.

8.  Click on “Apply”.

Notification by E-mail and SMS

The Voicemail to E-mail service also permits to send a notification e-mail and/or SMS (Short Message Service) notification to any other e-mail addresses to inform you that someone left you a voice message in your Voicemail. You can then remotely connect to your Voicemail to listen to the message left by the caller in your voice mailbox.

1.  At the “Messaging” tab (under “Settings”) click on “Email Notification” sub-tab (to receive notification by E-mail or SMS other than the one that you defined on Step 6 above).

2.  Check box “Send e-mail notification of incoming messages to the following addresses”.

3.  Click on button “New Entry” for starting to create a list of e-mail addresses or SMS (for instance: or

4.  Check the box corresponding to the types of voice messages you want to receive notification.

5.  Click on “Apply”.

Your Voicemail to E-mail service is now configured! All calls you receive at home will also be forwarded to the Inbox that you identified in the website of the Voicemail to E-mail.

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